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Shander Tops Charts

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Dancing White Sergeant

Stevie Lennon 'Dancing White Sergeant' will be released in summer 2014 on the Heavenly Bodies Ibiza Compilation.

Shander in the News

Stevie's biggest story of 2012 was undoubtedly the release of Shander, topping the German dance charts, bringing the music of Jimmy Shand to a whole new audience and putting the fun back into clubbing!

The release generated a huge amount of media coverage for the record. Check out the links here for some of the highlights:

THE DAILY RECORD "Hopefully the rest of the world will follow"

STV "Sir Jimmy Shand's tune becomes a rave sensation in Europe"

THE COURIER "Jimmy Shand is the reel deel for German clubbers"

THE SCOTSMAN "Jimmy Shand proves unlikely Euro rave hit"

REAL RADIO "We're not the only ones going crazy for Scottish Music"


Also check out the new remix of Shander by Sanya Selest & Horny Utd:


Kelman & Lennon on Above & Beyond radio show:


Kelman & Lennon on the Paul Oakenfold show: